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3 Annoying Tricks Real Estate Companies are Probably Playing On You Right Now!
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Jon Boyd, Broker/Manager

If your computer doesn't have speakers the text of "Three Annoying Tricks Real Estate Companys Play on Home Buyers" is below:


I’m Jon Boyd, the Broker/Manager of The Home Buyer’s Agent. We are the real estate company that represents homebuyers here in Ann Arbor. But this report isn’t about us; it is about annoying tricks that regular real estate companies and agents are playing on homebuyers like you.

So here we go:

The first trick that you have probably already noticed is that real estate companies will continue to advertise homes on the internet long after the home is already sold to someone else with a binding purchase contract.

The reason is simple, the real estate companies try to get buyers like you to call them on these already sold houses so they can sell you other homes that they may have in inventory.

The local board of realtors allows this behavior because it is good for business of companies that have listings.

There are times when one out of every three homes on realtor web sites is actually already sold to someone else.

It can potentially be a big waste of time for you, and buyers agents like us, but at least now you know the trick. Don’t get your heart set on a home from a real estate web site.

The second trick that is popular now is regular real estate agents calling themselves buyer’s agents even though they and their company are trying to sell homes at the highest possible price. At best some of these salespeople are “designated buyer agents” but many of them are still just trying to sell you a home as fast as possible.

So, Beware! These new “pretend” buyer’s agents are not what you read about in books on home buying, they are often just salespeople calling themselves buyer’s agents.

There is one guy here that advertises that he is “Ann Arbor’s leading buyer’s agent” but the company he works for hasn’t allowed buyer’s agency since 2000!

Real buyer’s agents are not “designated buyer’s agents” and a loyal buyer’s agent will not switch to dual agent or delegated agent or designated agent or seller’s agent just so they and their company can make more money on your home purchase.

The third and final trick you might have noticed is that many real estate web sites aren’t real estate companies at all, they are advertising companies that collect your name and email address and then sell it to real estate agents.

Some of these companies will send your name and phone number to as many as 5 different real estate agents.

What may be worse is that the agents that buy names and numbers from these services are often the least experienced agents in the market. Some of the companies that do this type of thing are Service Magic, Homegain, Realtyconnect, connect2agent and Neighborhoodscout.

To avoid being a victim of this trick make sure the company is in the area you are looking to move before you request information.

Legitimate real estate companies will have their street address prominently displayed on their web sites.

Our company, The Home Buyer’s Agent of Ann Arbor, is completely focused on helping buyers find the best home, negotiate the best deal, and save on loans and costs. Since we are normally paid by the seller we don’t cost any more than using traditional real estate companies.

If you would like to talk about your home buying needs our toll free number is 888 566 2693.

This is Jon Boyd. Thanks for listening!




We helped area home buyers save over one million dollars last year. If you are interested in saving money on your next home, send us a note. Or, give us a call at (734) 662-6240.


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