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News about home buying:

Recent News Articles on Home Buying:

Press Release on our Confidential real estate search site. (The only one in the area that guarantees your information won't be used against you in negotiation.. (Opens as .PDF file) Link

Article on real estate search sites and buyers giving away confidences. (Opens as .PDF file) Link

Home buying Experts Recommend Talking To Three Real Estate Agents Before You Choose One. Link

Press Release on our "Green Certification" (Opens as new page) Link


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Companies and Home Owners $115 Million a Year!:
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General News:
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Recent Home Buying Stories:
Listing Agent Botches Square Footage:

General Home Buying Information:

How To Shop Mortgages
Part 1 Introduction:

Part 2 choosing the Loan Type &
Preparing to Gather Data:

Part 3 Gathering Quotes from Lenders:

Part 4 Identifying all the Fees that are
Involved that are Not Lender Controlled:

Part 5 Calculating the Value Differential
to make a decision

Part 6 Final Thoughts:

General Home Buying Information:
The Difference in Buyer's Agents-
Key Concept: Most regular "buyer's agents" are NOT buyer's agents
at all, they are "Designated Buyer's Agents"

A Brief History of Agency and Disclosure:

Dual Agency, Imputed Knowledge and the Birth of Designated Agency:

Designated Agency:

Review of Agency::

The Difference in Services::

General Home Buying Information:

What To Expect From The Listing Agent Once We Write An Offer:

New Technology for Basement Wall Repair:


Note: The views expressed here are the opinions of the Home Buyer's Agent Team. Real Estate is a very regional business and this information is not intended to replace advice from a local real estate professional and/or legal counsel.

News Articles we were mentioned in:

Ann Arbor News 20040912

Detroit News/Free Press 20040704

Press Releases:

Local Buyer's Agent Saves Buyer $13,230 on Home Purchase
and Thwarts Seller's Attempted Larceny

Local Buyer’s Agent Awarded CEBA-Master Designation

International Relocation agent joins The Home Buyer's Agent.

Local Buyer's Agent Awarded e-PRO Certification held by less than 1% of REALTORS

Broker/Manager elected to Board of Directors of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents


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